The Fulbright Global Scholar Award

The Fulbright Global Scholar Award is currently open for the 2022-2023 enrollment! This global scholar award is directed at aboard learning, working, and engaging in multi/country research activities. The best part is that the teaching or research activity can be spread over 24 months, in the student’s choice of 3 different countries. Some students end up going to 4 based on what their teaching or research accomplishes.

This Fulbright Global Scholar Award is designed for professionals, or those that are on their way to professional status. Along with scholars and administrators, since as a student winner of this scholarship you will be notified to give public talks, educate other students, and build a trusting community with which host community you become a part of or integrate into. The idea behind this global scholar award is to bring U.S. citizens together with the citizens from other countries.  By forming a universal bond with that country to aid in the research needed and being done.

The Fulbright Scholar Program has amassed well over 800 different scholarship that involve international travel and furthering research based on your field study area. This scholar award is typically for individuals who are older and have already completed 4 plus years of college.

Fulbright is named after freshman senator from Arkansas, J. William Fulbright back in 1945. Still in 2021, the Fulbright Act that was signed into law in 1946 has been the most prestigious and well recognized student exchange program. The sponsor for this award is the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

What does the application process imply?

Now the Fulbright Global Scholar Award expects what is called “application building.” With this the student creates a competitive application, but before you set out planning out how to build this application, on the Fulbright website, they insist that each applicant watches their webinar about how to successfully create one.

Below as an applicant you receive a small glimpse into the detail that is needed for each visit to the country of your choice. The amount of planning involved is highly important, being able to schedule out as much as possible will work in each student favor.

What is the duration of each visit?

Luckly each stay for which country the student is picked to visit and live in for a duration of time is between at least 3-6 months and if it’s possible the only minimum below that is 1 month.

Students will need to give and plan out a projected project to present that has activities attached, and it is by rule that a student must attend two different world countries at least. Each activity needs to have purpose and should build common ground as to why it is important that this activity should happen.

Be sure to look into what the stipends for the award is, simply because each country has a different currency that may either rise or fall in the money department.

The application submission deadline is September 12, 2021.

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