Germany Scholarship at IU International University | Bachelor Data & IT

Germany’s IU International University has welcomed both on campus students as well as long-distance via online higher education learning pupils. The main campus is located in Bad Honnef, all the while the sister campus is located in the city if Berlin. IU International is always astounding when you really dig in to learn about this university’s history, for example, IU International has been achieving and educating online students for 20 years!

This University was formally known as IUBH as well. Currently, a student can enroll with a coupon to save with tuition for U.S., Candian, and European international individuals. Ironically, right now with this Bachelor’s program you can gain a month free trial.


  • Multiple countries where student reside can attend IU University (USA, Europe, Canada, etc.)
  • Passport and German Student Visa to become a student living abroad.
  • Being able body to work with a digital university
  • Being able to form your own time schedule (there is a 100% flexibility guarantee)


  • Anyone can apply, there is no starting or ending age range.
  • The scholarships available through IU University have a wide range of opportunities that can be geared and used towards any course.
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • If a student does not receive a scholarship from IU University, then expect to pay the full tuition fees which for this module are as follows: 36 month – Full Time – 359 Euros. 48 months – Part Time – 309 Euros. 72 months – Part time II – 209 Euros. These are not part of the additional charges.
  • Exams require separate payment which could be as much as 120 euros per exam, for a maximum 120 minutes to finish the exam. If exams last longer than a fee of 170 Euros will need to be paid in full.

How to Apply

  • Simply apply online, however, with a scholarship be sure to contact the IU Online Studies student advisors or educator in charge of the selected course about being able to utilize your scholarship.

Reward from Scholarships

  • A considerable amount of saved money and being able to pursue a category of higher education that can be finished in a 36-month span.
  • Students are shown a semester by semester outlined course (1st semester has Business 101, Mathematics I, Object-oriented Programming with Java, and more. Then the 2nd semester has Data structure and Java class library, Web Application Development, Intercultural and Ethical Decision-Making, and more. 3rd Semester has Corporate Finance and Investment, Requirements Engineering, Software Quality Assurance, and more. The 4th semester has Fundamentals of IT and ERP systems, Project Software Engineering, Introduction to Process Management, and more. The 5th semester has IT Law, Purchasing, Procurement and Distribution, ELECTIVE A, and more. The final and 6th semester has Bachelor Thesis, ELECTIVE B, and ELECTIVE C.)
  • The understandable career outlook that is provide for each student.


There is no definitive deadline, however, scholarships do have year times limit in which students can use them. So, if a student receives an IU International scholarship in 2021, it’s best to use that scholarship in 2021.

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