1st Formations Business Scholarship (Kent, U.K.)

It’s all about business with this scholarship! The requirements and edibility status will be presented to ensure students know exactly what is needed of them. The 1st Formations Business Scholarship will be completed at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. But first, what is the 1st formations business? They are a leading UK company formation agent who offer the advantage of online or on-site new business training. Assisting brand new entrepreneurs to access skills and excess knowledge to keep their businesses going and operational for the long run.

Kent University has recently opened their Virtual Open Day that covers anything and everything a freshman or transfer student could hope. This university also has sister universities in Paris, Canterbury, Brussels, and Medway. Kent is regarded as potential the best research excellence university in the world. If you look through there ‘About Us’ section, it’s clear with the amount of praise and awards how this university is at the top of its game. Which is perfect for academic excellence foreign students looking to gain a stronghold on business ethics. Keep reading to see what requirements are involved.


What must a student do or be ready for?

  • A current student in a recognized UK academic institution.
  • Display a desire to run your own business.
  • Demonstrate academic excellence by providing a letter of recommendation from a tutor or course coordinator.
  • You must not be a previous recipient of the 1st Formations Business Scholarship.
  • Demonstrate personal circumstances which make you a suitable candidate for additional financial support.
  • Undergraduate or post graduate within an accredited U.K. university


  • An individual who sees their career path as becoming a business owner
  • A student must not have submitted a previous application and has been accepted for the 1st Formations Business Scholarship previously
  • Provide detail answers to your personal struggles and finances

Applying for the Scholarship

The student will include everything in an email to the admissions office. The email should include A note of recent grades/exam results from current course, describe in 500 words or less, what makes you a good candidate for the Scholarship. Outline any circumstances which you feel may aid your application and detail how you would use the funds to assist in your studies if successful. Then, be sure to include a letter of recommendation from a tutor or course coordinator. Please also include a contact email address or telephone number for your sponsor.

Students have been awarded this scholarship since 2015.

Reward From 1st Formations Business Scholarship

Up to ten individuals can win up to $800 each. The bursary is to help with the extra fees and book fees that accompany tuition costs. This extra $800 can be used for living expensive if needed. This is a general award where the amount does not have to be spent on school books but it’s best if it goes towards university fees.


This May 31, 2021, the accepted students of this scholarship with be contacted and announced by 30 June 2021.

Learn more here: https://www.kent.ac.uk/scholarships/search/FNAD1STFOR01