The State Scholarships Foundation IKY (Greece)

Availability to study in Greece is possible with the State Scholarships Foundation IKY. These scholarships were created in 1951, the golden era when attending college become a new necessity to further a higher education. With their main student study being science, since these scholarships are for new and up-coming scientists. Now the greatest aspect of the State Scholarships Foundation IKY is the fact that this was created for low-income families (individuals) who wanted an equal opportunity to not only study aboard but receive the just quality knowledge that one could receive at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and etc. However, science may be the main field study (awarding scholarships for doctoral dissertation and postdoctoral research in Greece, through the Operational Program), but the study of Greek culture and language is available to be awarded the State Scholarship. Foreign students are not the only ones eligible to win one of these many scholarships, at times students attending universities in Greece are given a full scholarship. With this overall of many scholarships that could be for anyone looking to study abroad, keep reading to see which scholarships are currently active and inactive.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Having excellent or the highest top scores as an undergraduate
  • Having the highest marks with The Entry Exams to Higher Education
  • Explaining in your application about why Greece and specifically the IKY would not only benefit you for your career but what you could learn from studying aboard
  • For a Master’s and Doctorate, it is noted that previous education with the accredited agrees is needed before applying for a scholarship

Scholarships Currently Available

  • Master Scholarships – National Bank of Greece                                
  • Doctorate scholarships – European University Institute of Florence                                          
  • Doctorate scholarships – National Bank of Greece                                          
  • Doctorate scholarships – EEA                                    
  • Research scholarships- IKYDA                                  
  • Postdoc scholarships – EEA                                        

Scholarship Currently Inactive (but could become active after Covid-19)

  • Secondary Vocational Training
  • Pre-graduate Scholarships for H.E.                                        
  • Pre-graduate Scholarships – Hellenic College Holy Cross                                
  • CERN
  • Pre-graduate Scholarships – Cyprus fundraising                                

As you can tell there is an even 50/50 split on what is available and taking applications and what has become inactive. The doctorate scholarships provide an 18-month finical period if you are awarded the scholarship funding. The IKY has a prestige where they were given an honoree great legacy, which allows the opportunity for foreign students to study in Greece. It is greatly admired that IKY does not discriminate against students with disabilities and of individuals belonging to vulnerable social groups. Along with the Bank of Greece awarding a parallel to a student’s post-graduate studies, so matching what they had already studied as a graduate based on tuition.


There are several deadlines for each area, for the Postdoc scholarships – EEA, the deadline is May 2021. With the pandemic we have seen the deadlines change quite often, be sure to check or better yet email admissions or a particular Greek university to ask your most urgent questions. The IKY also has a YouTube Channel that would be great to check out to stay up-to-date.

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