Full Tuition Coverage | Ohio Governor’s Scholarship

The Ohio Governor’s Scholarship is a huge criteria scholarship that finds the top students who represent each county (88 counties in total) in the state of Ohio. This scholarship will be accepted at Miami University, which Miami University sits at the Number 1 spot, when it comes to the four-year graduation rate among public universities. Miami University is located in Oxford, Ohio and has been around since 1809.

This is a merit scholarship which is separate from a traditional scholarship awarded independently that are not based on academic excellence at this high of a standard. This particular merit scholarship is considered an in-state merit opportunity. This is the universities newest merit-based scholarship. The total amount of the scholarships is about $1.4 million, according to a news release from the university.

The back story on Miami University is that they prepare their college students for success in the real everyday world. They have the highest rate of students pursuing a 4-year degree than any other public university. The community available on campus helps students find their creative field as well as addressing what academic field could be lined up for further higher education. Miami does provide top quality Ivy League equipped education at an afford price per tuition year. Currently there are 19,000 undergraduates enrolled for 2020-2021.

Between the history, traditions, leadership, creative pursuits, teamwork and community, you can easily see why Miami University is the place to move up higher in education and in life. The university strives for equality, diversity, and inclusion. Matter of fact, in 2016 – 2017 the college’s economic impact to Ohio was $2.3 Billion.


  • Scholarships will be based primarily on academic performance
  • Finical assistance is considered
  • 1 from each county (88 counties in total) will be chosen on excellent and the top academic student. 88 students will be chosen to attend in total
  • Male and female are accepted
  • Housing finances may not be covered because of stay-at-home regulations, no campus living However, this is subject to change, simply call or email admissions Miami University for more information on that. Expect to potential taking college campus classes online


  • There is no need to fill out a separate scholarship application, simply attach your Miami University application
  • Student must be the number 1 academic in the county
  • Household finical information must be ready
  • This is for only Ohio students, not out of state or international students
  • Must be an undergraduate (high school student) who has already sent in an application to Miami University

Reward from Scholarship

  • Complete 4-year coverage on tuition and fees at no charge to the student
  • Full cost coverage at a top rated univerisity in the United States


On Dec. 1, 2021. The latest 2020-2021 academic choosing for this merit scholarship has already passed, but you’ll be able to gain more information if you send in an email to the admissions email, or wait until November for the newest round of information for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Learn more here: https://www.miamioh.edu/news/top-stories/2020/04/governors-scholarship-recipients.html