Letitia B. Carter Scholarship

The Letitia B. Carter Scholarship allows those who are studying in the field of hospitality/food service receive a private sponsored scholarship. The sponsor comes from the Restaurant Association of Maryland Education Foundation. This association aims to helps those who intend on improving and protecting Maryland’s food service industry.

To be eligible for the Letitia B. Carter scholarship, you must be a high school student, that lives in Maryland and is a registered U.S. citizen; This includes naturalization. Even though a high school student is the only one to apply for this application, this scholarship can be used from either undergraduate, freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior years.

The Restaurant Association of Maryland Education Foundation or RAC for short, offers members involved in foodservice or hospitality businesses including restaurants, hotels, food trucks, caterers, bars & taverns, hotels, and other businesses that serve food. Even local charities and grocery stores are included in this association of educational funding.

A top main requirement from anyone no matter if they are a high school student, college or teacher, they must have applied to an RAMEF-recognized professional development program in hospitality or enrolled in a RAMEF-recognized food service/hospitality program.

When it comes down to the application requirements these are the things or calls to action that will be needed from anyone applying:

  • A record of the student’s academic achievement
  • Recommendations from teachers or school faculty
  • Most recent paystub from an employer in industry-related work
  • One typed and double-spaced essay: Describe any personal skills and characteristics that will help you meet the future challenges of the food service/hospitality industry

If you’re a teacher and applying, this is what you’ll have to do to apply:

  • Will have to provide accurate documentation about utilizing a minimum of 1,500 hours documented industry experience
  • Along with the rest of the required and eligible marks above

If you’re a college or high school student:

  • must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and a minimum of 400 hours documented industry experience
  • Along with the rest of the required and eligible marks above

It is best with any scholarship whether it is privately funded or publicly, check the associations website to ensure the scholarship is active since the pandemic. Most have continued to be active but have been replaced with an online scholarship. Even a few have permanently changed their deadline dates. The RAC scholarship has been the go-to during the pandemic since the food industry and hotel industry have taken a hit. Thankfully, the Letitia B. Carter scholarship is one out of many that focuses and applies rewards towards instructors or beginning instructors within this industry.

Sections of the scholarship reward

The total reward of the private scholarship is $5,000 with 10 students who can win a portion of that $5,000. The maximum award is $2,000 per a student, while the minimum is $500 per student.


The deadline is on April 23rd and potentially May 11th, 2021. The latter date was the original deadline but with the covid pandemic it is subject to change, the newest deadline is April 23rd.

Learn more here: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/scholarships/letitia-carter-scholarship