The Gates Scholarship

The Gates scholarship is referring to the tech global individual Bill Gates or better known as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This particular scholarship was created for only minority individuals who come or currently have a low-income background. The Gates Scholarship was founded in 2017 that finds and gives an investment towards 300 students. This investment, also a fund, is bestowed to each student to help the student pursue a much higher education. To give an example on how much reward each student receives, since 2017 with 300 students each year chosen a collective $600 plus million has gone to tuition, fees, and housing which can be more expensive than fees and books combined.

How competitive is the Gates scholarship?

 Are you ready to be in a group of 20,000 finalists? Because that’s the big number of competitive people who enter the Gates Foundation each year. Only 300 are chosen out of 20,000 and that high number is not even the official count for how many students send in an application. It is stated on the Gates Foundation website to dedicate yourself 100% to the application process. This means to be authentic, original, tell your story, and don’t hold back why this scholarship is the one you need to fulfill your higher education. Originally the scholarship was called the Gates Millennium Scholars Program.

There are a number of blogs online detailing how a student could potentially win the Gates scholarship, however, each individual application is picked by a panel who choose who and who receives the scholarship.

How much will each student receive from the scholarship?

This is where things get interesting, after you detail everything in your application and you are chosen, the Gates Foundation will match the amount that finical aid cannot cover and the amount that you as student would not be able to pay. If it comes done to it, the Gates Foundation will end up paying for everything for your college career. This includes books and excess fees. Students can renew their scholarship each year as long as each qualification and need is met.

Who is eligible?

  • The Gates Scholarship is only available to U.S. citizens or someone that has recently been nationalized
  • Be sure to check out what requirements the Pell Grant utilizes, because each student is asked to be qualified for the Federal Pell Grant
  • A GPA that is not below 3.3, however, 3.3 is not necessarily the minimum
  • Must express that you’ll be attending college for 4 years or an equivalent that adds up to a Bachelor’s degree
  • Only a high schooler or undergraduate can apply, if you have already received the Gate Scholarship, simply renew your sophomore application and so on
  • Must be Asian American, Native American, African American, Hispanic American, Pacific Islander, or Alaska Native

Who does the Gate Foundation consider an excellent student?

What does the foundation seek in potential students that will be granted the Gates Scholarship? Leadership, excellence with academic performance, and showing your own motivation, or personal success and what skills are involved.

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