Dartmouth Scholarships

The scholarship awards from Dartmouth are made possible through the generosity of alumni, corporations, and nonprofit foundations. Although, the school has limited scholarship funds and may not be able to fully meet each student’s needs. Recipients are generally notified at the time of their offer of admission. Each student will be notified or sent an email notifying if a scholarship was not awarded, as well.

But what is Dartmouth about? The Dartmouth Institute is the health services research and education center at Dartmouth College, this is where the scholarships and grants are applied to. Dartmouth is made up of a diverse group of scholars, researchers, clinicians, students, and administrators with a wide array of interests and aims. They intensively care deeply about the health and health care of their students. The community and authority at Dartmouth ensure that each student deserves good health. This is  why this is the foundation of Dartmouth, to help their students achieve a happy, productive life all within a thriving community.

Dartmouth is an Ivy League institution however; their scholarships and loans are generous to their welcoming students. Even though this college may seem pretentious it’s a well-known fact that mental health is a top priority at Dartmouth. They help students who may be having a hard time and seek out additional help is needed. And to add an extra notion, Dartmouth students at a high 94% receive extra scholarships to help with furthering their education.

What’s the Offer and Eligibility?

Dartmouth offers scholarships to U.S. permanent residents and international students based on merit. The Dartmouth Institute scholarships range anywhere from $1,000 up to half of tuition. Scholarship funds are dispersed in quarterly increments during the four terms you are enrolled as a student.

It is noted that tuition and stipend scholarships are available for the PhD Program.

Requirements for the Scholarship

There are only 2 steps needed to apply for the scholarship, along with requirements.

  • You must file the FAFSA. Dartmouth’s school code is 002573.
  • You must submit the Dartmouth College Graduate Student Financial Aid Application.

The extra information consists of:

Needing both forms to generate the official award package. Information about the application process can be found on the website.

Then federal loans are available to U.S. citizens enrolled at least half-time and making satisfactory progress in a degree program. Federal financial aid to graduate students is available through the Federal Direct Loan program and the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan program.

If you are an employee of Dartmouth, you will have this advantage:

Grant-in-Aid benefits provide $5,250 of tuition support towards our online Master of Public Health program per calendar year, with a cap of $15,750 total benefit for this program.


The admissions and financial aid offices will review the application materials submitted by candidates for admission. The first-round deadline on December 1, 2021. All candidates whose application is submitted by February 1 will be reviewed for a scholarship; there is no additional scholarship application required.

Learn more here: https://tdi.dartmouth.edu/