How to Search for A College Scholarship

Where does a high school student or undergraduate begin with the search for a university scholarship? What do you need to look for or narrow down to solidify the exact scholarship that can progressively help any student with finical coverage? 

Furthermore, a scholarship application is only available from the university’s website portal solely. Databases or helpful website are not the sites a student should apply too, because their application will not be looked at. By conducting thorough searching, search for what colleges you would prefer to attend and go through there scholarship application process.

Should I apply to every scholarship possible?

Yes, you should! Applying to any scholarship that has regulations that pertain to the student themselves, or happens to be an open essay scholarship that just asks the applicant to write “What would this scholarship do for you? Or why do you want this scholarship?” Foundations or private sponsors do hand out scholarships, at times a cities Chamber of Commerce will have scholarship opportunities available along with very specific clubs or sports.

If you’re a student that does not meet the merit-based scholarship acknowledge requirements, what can you do?

First off be sure to search and disregard any merit-based applications, every scholarship application will say whether it is a merit-based scholarship. If so, check through that universities or private sponsor’s website to look for another scholarship. Instead identifying as, a particular group (ex: female, military, or as a foreign student) can almost guarantee an undergraduate or high school student that applies, an automatic winning of that particular scholarship funding.

But wait, what about if a soon to be applicant knows exactly what college they would prefer to attend, or in most cases their number 1 choice?

It’s simple, go to that universities website and contact their finical aid office. This can be done either with a phone call or email. If a student needs a better approach and a guide to help them along the way, talk with a high school counselor or a career counselor. As a counselor it is their job to help a student along the way to finding what colleges they can apply towards via a scholarship.

Grants Are Different from Scholarship

Now finding a scholarship or grant can become intertwine, while they both can offered enough finical assistance to cover your tuition cost, they are two separate avenues when it comes to applying. Grants are government-based, this is strict finical assisted fund. While scholarships can be gifted to individuals who show leadership, creativity ability, or a specific field of study. Grants and scholarships are usually paired together but they are two separate things that should be thoroughly looked through before applying.

Deadlines are Important

Obviously, deadlines are highly important because if you miss, your opportunity window, an applicant will have to wait for the next semester to submit their application. By writing down each deadline window for each scholarship you’ll want to apply for, this step can be avoided if a student just follows the deadline window.