Identity Scholarships and Why You Need to Apply

What is an identity scholarship and why do students, especially high school students need to start applying? Identity scholarships do happen to be tailored to an individual’s minority, finical welfare, gender, disability, career status (like for teachers only scholarships), or socially identify yourself.

Identity scholarships can be considered an automatically awarded since these scholarships specifically target individuals that fit the match exactly. This can be called a guaranteed scholarship.

There are multiple scholarships available in this format, we will show you a few for each category:

Scholarships for LGBTQ students only – Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce Scholarships, PFLAG Chapter Scholarship Programs, Stonewall Foundation Levin-Goffe Scholarship for LGBTQI Immigrants, and Greater Seattle Business Association LGBTQ Scholar Program.

First Generation College Students – Mercedes Benz Drive Your Future Scholarship, First Generation Initiative Scholarship, First Generation Matching Grant Program, and Choose Ohio First Scholarships.

Students with Disabilities – AbbVie Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship, CSU Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students, First Responders Children’s Foundation – Victoria Ovis Memorial Scholarship, and Missouri Public Service Survivor Grant Program.

Active-Duty Military Scholarships – Navy Wives Clubs of America Dependent Child Scholarship, Raytheon Patriot Scholarship, Loewe’s + AMVETS Technology Scholarships, and Marine Corps Essay Contest.

Interracial and Multicultural Scholarships – ACS Scholars Program, APIASF General Scholarship Program, Cherokee Nation College Resource Scholarship, Charles Shelton Veterinarian Medicine/Technology Scholarship, CWGCS Fellowship on Women & Public Policy, and Italian Catholic Federation First Year Scholarship.

Female Only Scholarships – Alabama Golf Association Women’s Scholarship Fund, AFWM Ford Emerging Voices Scholarship, Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship, and SWE Golden Gate High School Scholarship Program.

Undocumented Individual Scholarships – APSA Minority Fellowship Program, Red Thread Foundation Scholarship, SOS Immigrant Student Scholarship, and Forward Freethought First in the Family Humanist Scholarship.

Refugee and Immigrant Scholarships – Jeff Sein Kwan Yang Memorial Scholarship, The Esperanza Education Fund Scholarship, and The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans.

While the list above barley showcases the huge amount of identity –based scholarships available, another way to find the identity scholarship for you is to ask your high school guidance teacher. If you do not have a high school teacher available, you can go to the library to ask for assistance. There are homeless scholarships available, that’s where a free open library can benefit these students.

To search for these specific scholarships, be sure to search for if you’re a single parent, active military, homeschooled, or an undocumented citizen. When it comes to be an undocumented citizen you can be protected by various laws to ensure your higher education is completed. The state of California has incredible laws to protect undocumented citizens.

More so, identity scholarships tend to be the $10,000 or more scholarships, a few even pay full tuition and housing. While this type of scholarships tends to be easier to search for, there is another route to searching for an identity scholarship. Contact ivy league schools and state universities to ask about the scholarships for identity-based purposes. By contacting university admission offices, they can start to fill out an identity scholarship for you that day.