How to Search for A College Scholarship

Where does a high school student or undergraduate begin with the search for a university scholarship? What do you need to look for or narrow down to solidify the exact scholarship that can progressively help any student with finical coverage? 

Furthermore, a scholarship application is only available from the university’s website portal solely. Databases or helpful website are not the sites a student should apply too, because their application will not be looked at. By conducting thorough searching, search for what colleges you would prefer to attend and go through there scholarship application process.

Should I apply to every scholarship

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Steps to Writing a Scholarship Essay

Now first off, these steps will cover a majority or general aspect to writing a scholarship essay. Since there is such a huge variety of scholarships available, the one thing that remains constant is that essay they ask you to either write about yourself, and your ideal career. Or if the scholarship is presented from a private university, they will ask why you want to attend that university and why that scholarship will benefit you as a student to progress in your higher learning.

The Essay Prompt

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$4,000 Diversity Merit Scholarship – University of Alabama

The actual area of this Diversity Merit Scholarship is this called the National Recognition Package Fall 2021. First off, the University of Alabama’s motto is “where legends are made.” If that isn’t a reason to apply or find a scholarship to attend, then here are a few more ideas as to what the University of Alabama is all about. Currently, the University of Alabama’s tally for excellence where they have 5 million hours of volunteer led by UA members, 59 Goldwater scholars, and 37 faculty national science foundation career award winners.

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Dartmouth Scholarships

The scholarship awards from Dartmouth are made possible through the generosity of alumni, corporations, and nonprofit foundations. Although, the school has limited scholarship funds and may not be able to fully meet each student’s needs. Recipients are generally notified at the time of their offer of admission. Each student will be notified or sent an email notifying if a scholarship was not awarded, as well.

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The Gates Scholarship

The Gates scholarship is referring to the tech global individual Bill Gates or better known as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This particular scholarship was created for only minority individuals who come or currently have a low-income background. The Gates Scholarship was founded in 2017 that finds and gives an investment towards 300 students. This investment, also a fund, is bestowed to each student to help the student pursue a much higher education. To give an example on how much reward each student receives, since 2017 with 300 students each year chosen a collective $600 plus million has gone … Read the rest