Letitia B. Carter Scholarship

The Letitia B. Carter Scholarship allows those who are studying in the field of hospitality/food service receive a private sponsored scholarship. The sponsor comes from the Restaurant Association of Maryland Education Foundation. This association aims to helps those who intend on improving and protecting Maryland’s food service industry.

To be eligible for the Letitia B. Carter scholarship, you must be a high school student, that lives in Maryland and is a registered U.S. citizen; This includes naturalization. Even though a high school student is the only one to apply for this application, this scholarship can be used from either undergraduate, … Read the rest

Full Tuition Coverage | Ohio Governor’s Scholarship

The Ohio Governor’s Scholarship is a huge criteria scholarship that finds the top students who represent each county (88 counties in total) in the state of Ohio. This scholarship will be accepted at Miami University, which Miami University sits at the Number 1 spot, when it comes to the four-year graduation rate among public universities. Miami University is located in Oxford, Ohio and has been around since 1809.

This is a merit scholarship which is separate from a traditional scholarship awarded independently that are not based on academic excellence at this high of a standard. This particular merit scholarship is … Read the rest

Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students

The Monbukagakusho Honor Scholarship is also in the realm of the MEXT scholarship. Under the Japan Student Services Organization this international opportunity to study in Japan is available. There are a handful of requirements before applying to this incredible and life changing scholarship. The Japan Student Services Organization or JASSO for short, was founded on April 1, 2004 by rearranging and integrating the scholarship loan programs provided by the Japan Scholarship Foundation. These scholarship programs for international students and the student support programs are provided by the government.

This scholarship actually has thousands of scholarships under this level, around 7,000 … Read the rest

The State Scholarships Foundation IKY (Greece)

Availability to study in Greece is possible with the State Scholarships Foundation IKY. These scholarships were created in 1951, the golden era when attending college become a new necessity to further a higher education. With their main student study being science, since these scholarships are for new and up-coming scientists. Now the greatest aspect of the State Scholarships Foundation IKY is the fact that this was created for low-income families (individuals) who wanted an equal opportunity to not only study aboard but receive the just quality knowledge that one could receive at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and etc. However, science may … Read the rest

1st Formations Business Scholarship (Kent, U.K.)

It’s all about business with this scholarship! The requirements and edibility status will be presented to ensure students know exactly what is needed of them. The 1st Formations Business Scholarship will be completed at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. But first, what is the 1st formations business? They are a leading UK company formation agent who offer the advantage of online or on-site new business training. Assisting brand new entrepreneurs to access skills and excess knowledge to keep their businesses going and operational for the long run.

Kent University has recently opened their Virtual Open Day … Read the rest